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Paleo Guacamole & Chips

This recipe was inspired by one of my favorite Mexican joints in Hoboken, NJ called Charritos. They would make you fresh guacamole at your table! You were able to tell them how you liked it. I’m not a fan of parsley, so I purposely leave it out my guacamole. BUT if you like it, go for it. LOL There are really no exact measurements for guacamole. It’s more of a matter of what you like. So adjust the ingredients for…

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Side Dishes Vegan Recipes

Lemon Citronette Salad

This salad was inspired by El Camino’s Restaurant. I ordered an amazing kale/arugula salad from there the other night and had to find out how to recreate it. I highly…

Paleo Recipes Side Dishes Vegan Recipes

Roasted Beets

Reasons to eat beets: Very anti-inflammatory. Great liver detoxer. Prevents Anemia: it’s a great source of iron and vitamin C. Prevents Colon Cancer: the betacyanins found in beets, counteracts cancer…

Paleo Recipes Side Dishes

Pink Radishes & Parsnips

Radishes are one of my newest food obsessions. They are great for detoxing the liver, and helps with weight management. They are loaded with vitamin C, folate, fiber, riboflavin, and…