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“Twix Bars” Vegan & Paleo (Gluten Free)

These Twix Bars are AMAZING!!!! They are Vegan, Paleo (gluten free), and super easy to make. I came across this recipe at Food Faith and Fitness. You can find the original recipe by clicking here. I’m impatient, so I did not follow all of the steps listed in the original recipe. From start to finish this took me about only 35 minutes and turned out SO good!!! ~*~ You will need a smaller food processor for this recipe to work.…

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Chocolate (Cacao) Desserts

Sweet As Honey Brownies

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these Paleo Brownies by Sweet As Honey! Carine’s recipes really don’t disappoint. I attempted to make my own Paleo brownie recipe last night and lets just…

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Cacao Health Benefits

Chocolate & Autoimmune Disease Do you ever crave chocolate, eat it, and then still feel unsatisfied? If you’re eating processed chocolate this may explain why you’re not satisfying that craving.…