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Paleo Diet & Glyphosate

In an effort to heal my Psoriasis naturally, I started out with trying this diet called Paleo & was instantly impressed with the results. Within 4 weeks, I lost around 5 lbs of inflammatory weight, no longer had any bloating, and my Psoriasis cleared up!!   So what is the Paleo Diet? The Paleo diet consists mostly of a grain free & dairy free diet. The premise of the diet is that if a caveman didn’t eat it, neither should…

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Sleep Better

Sleeping well has always been a challenge for me. As an adult I’ve learned some tricks that REALLY help. There’s an excellent audible book called “Sleep Smarter” by Shawn Stevenson.…


Himalayan Sea Salt

Are you one of those people who experience salt cravings? Before I started adding Himalayan Sea Salt to my water, I used to crave anything with salt. My worst offenders…

Articles Paleo Recipes

Amaranth Grain

    Amaranth Flower   Chances are, you’ve probably never heard of this amazing Aztec grain called Amaranth… in fact, they say only 4% of the population has even tried…


To Sprout or Not to Sprout

Did you know that the coastal Aztec people would soak their pumpkin or squash seeds in seawater and then sundry them out? There are some that say that you absolutely…

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Cacao Health Benefits

Chocolate & Autoimmune Disease Do you ever crave chocolate, eat it, and then still feel unsatisfied? If you’re eating processed chocolate this may explain why you’re not satisfying that craving.…



Yes I said it! It’s that pesky uncomfortable word that affects millions every day. It’s not something that most people want to talk about, but is so necessary. Some people…

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What’s in your makeup?

Have you ever wondered what’s in your makeup and how it may be affecting your health? Many people place focus on eating organic, NON-GMO foods, but what you put on…

Articles Skin Care

Infrared Sauna

Do you have trouble with not being able to sweat? When I was a kid I could easily sweat…no problem. As I grew older, and especially now in my 30’s…